Convenience and Efficiency – Marks of Effective Bait Station Systems

Convenience and Efficiency – Marks of Effective Bait Station Systems

Published on: 13-05-2015 | by Misty in Bait Station Systems, Bait Station App, Bait Station Software,, Mobile Forms, Paperless

I cannot imagine a world without Bait Station Systems. I mean, these bait stations are very useful in getting my house rid of rats… and they also are a good source of revenue for my business! Many people come to my shop to buy these stations and, without a good computerized system in the store, I and my whole staff from inventory to sales would probably be going ape with the number of purchases we handle every day!

What My Business Is Like With the App

Nowadays, my small bait store is working efficiently and smoothly. Our customers simply walk through the door, go to any of the mobile devices that are found within our premises, and search for the products that they want to inquire about or even purchase using the app’s mobile forms. When they decide to purchase a product, the form is submitted to the Management Portal of the Bait Station App, which notifies both my sales team and inventory people that a product is to be taken out and paid for at the counter.

The entire purchasing process is smooth and convenient for the buyer. They can sit down comfortably and read some magazines while waiting for their purchase order number. Sometimes they don’t even get to read a single paragraph as my sales staff already has their order at hand in just three to five minutes!

Before the App Came

Before we have implemented the app’s paperless system, the entire process was cumbersome. It was relatively inefficient, although the workflow that my talented workers have come up with was as efficient as it could be given our limited resources.

It’s the usual purchasing system – the customer walks in, selects a product from our racks, and brings it to the counter to pay for it and check out. Sometimes, when a customer has multiple items to purchase, the queue gets stuck and customers begin to get impatient. That’s a negative customer experience, but something that we have managed to get rid of with Bait Station Software. But that was only the beginning.
Keeping records was a nightmare! We have to collate purchase order slips into a folder or any other form of storage, and then browse through those to come up with our monthly financial statements. That is very tiresome for my team, and I pity seeing them burned out when the time to prepare reports come. I have to look out for the welfare of my people, of course.

Thankfully, the app’s electronic processes make it easier to keep records, and to search through those and come with a report when the time comes. They can simply export it into a format that they can use for the report, and they are done. Moreover, what is work for multiple people can now be done by one or two individuals, while still having time for other important day-to-day tasks.

Just like me, you can enjoy a lot of benefits simply by investing in Bait Station Systems for your shop. I suggest you go and visit Bait Station for more information. Take our tour today!

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