Formitize Feature: How to Use the CSV Report Builder

Formitize Feature: How to Use the CSV Report Builder

Published on: 31-12-2018 | by Misty in paperless, reports, reporting

Your business requires accurate, efficient reporting on a daily basis. When before you relied on paperwork, today you can use Formitize paperless app to streamline your reporting process. This is why you need the CSV Report Builder.

What is the CSV Report Builder?

The CSV Report Building Tool is a very useful way to generate reports based on information being collected in any of your forms. To locate the Report Builder, Management Portal, Tools>CSV Report Builder.

How do I generate a Report?

To generate a report in your management portal, Tools>CSV Report Builder. Select your Form and the date range you wish to report on. (Note, if you leave the date fields blank, the report will be based on all forms submitted.)

You can then add and remove columns as required and filter the data until you have created the desired report.

What is a Preset Template?

Pre-Set Templates are templates that you can create then use again in the future.
Saving a Preset Template is quick and easy. In your Management Portal, Tools>CSV Report Builder. If you think you will use the Report you have created again, you can save it as a Template. The next time you want to generate the report, just select the form, the date range and the template and your report will auto-generate.

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