Formitize Releases Bait Station App for Pest Management Experts

Formitize Releases Bait Station App for Pest Management Experts

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SYDNEY, Australia February 2015 – Pest management companies, like other business entities, require efficient management systems in place. In an effort to aid pest management entrepreneurs and their mobile workforce, Formitize proudly introduces Bait Station App – a software designed specifically for professionals working in the industry. Pest management companies can now implement an efficient paperless information management system that will streamline nearly all business processes and workflows.

How Can the Software Help?

With the Bait Station Software in place, pest management technicians will be able to simplify the flow of information from the bait stations to the clients, and to the technicians as well. In addition, the app can be easily integrated with existing tools that the technicians are using and can also work as a stand-alone mobile application for paperless reporting and business management.

Capabilities of the App

The app is able to streamline any business’ workflows through these capabilities:

1. Job dispatching with workflow notification
When a bait station has its baits consumed by the rodents, the person in charge can use the App for Bait Stations to send a report back to the both the client and the technician. The pest management expert can then go to those bait stations and make a refill, or evaluate the status of infestation and decide whether further pest management is necessary for the client.

2. Digital reporting with real-time capabilities
This is the bread and butter of the App for Bait Station. Pest management technicians can simply pull up predesigned smart forms through their mobile devices to create their respective reports and sales invoices. These reports don’t need to be printed out, but are instead submitted electronically to the Cloud, which receives them in real-time. The reports can be further classified by management when the need arises through the Portal.

3. Archiving of past reports for easier reference in the future
Every pest control business is required by law to keep and maintain financial reports as well as maintain records of the sale of pesticides to monitor the flow and use of these harmful products. All the pest management technician is required to do at this point in the process is to pull up past records of sales invoices and inventory reports from the database, create the reports using the digital forms found in Bait Station Solutions, and they’re done. If there is a need for printouts, they can make hard copies directly from the Resources E-Library.

4. Seamless inventory management
Pest management technicians can keep track of their inventory with the real-time capabilities of the Bait Stations App. By creating an inventory report template with the app, the technician can update supply data whenever bait stations are dispatched into clients’ homes. They can even keep track of where the stations were installed in the client’s households and when they were implemented.

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “Bait Station App provides pest management entrepreneurs and professionals with the necessary tools using paperless technology so they can do their job more efficiently. Bait Station App equips them with much-needed assistance using mobile forms that are far more accurate and user friendly than existing systems that rely on paperwork. The app lets them generate reports instantly and guarantees secure, real-time access of customer and company data to system managers. Pest management has never been this easy!”

Discover a plethora of capabilities that Bait Station offers professionals working in the pest control products business. Take the tour today!

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