Formitize - making paperwork, paperless!

Formitize leads the world in smart, mobile forms and field data collection. Specializing in more than 80 industries globally from very small businesses through to some of the world’s largest corporations.

Formitize and Xero integrated - now there is a powerful combination!

Formitize’s feature rich mobile forms, automated reporting and field data collection solutions integrate seamlessly with Xero - beautiful accounting software. Now there is a match made in heaven.

What paperwork can be Formitized?

Formitize your old paper forms and documents into our smart-phone or tablet based App. Work Orders, Invoices, Inspections, Audits, Sales Records, Risk Assessments, Reports and so much more can be converted to Formitize and once the information is collected, the relevant details integrate beautifully into Xero to create Invoices, Expense Claims, Purchase Orders, Add New Contacts and more

Two-Way Integration

On the Formitize mobile form side, when field staff are completing their mobile forms, they can "pull" information from Xero straight in to their mobile forms in the field. Populate forms with instant access to customer's details and contact information, product item details (such as code, description and tax rate and pricing) and order details can all be pulled from Xero to instantly populate your mobile forms automatically. Imagine the time saved and accuracy achieved with all data being populated automatically from Xero.

So many applications, so much time saved and all so simple!

The result - a completely paperless end to end solution incorporating your current forms and reports with the financial and contact elements integrating to and from Xero. Perfect!

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